Who We Serve

MHS Labs provides comprehensive diagnostic testing services to hundreds of clients including nursing homes (skilled and personal care), physician’s offices, hospitals, employers, other clinical laboratories and schools.

Skilled Nursing and Personal Care Homes

MHS provides best in class diagnostic data that can reduce unnecessary hospital readmissions, and ER visits.  MHS accuracy, ranges of testing capability, and speed allows clinical staff to provide the best care for residents.

MHS Labs’ phlebotomists regularly serve nursing home residents in the tri-state area; Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. We collect specimens early in the morning and can generally provide results by the afternoon.

Services include:

  • Fasting early morning phlebotomy seven days a week
  • STAT Service
  • Online ordering and results
  • Integration options with client EMR. MHS Labs is also PointClickCare certified.
  • Monthly QM reports and attendance at QAPI meetings
  • Training and education for new clients and upon request


MHS Labs built its reputation by providing a broad range of testing services.  We provide the highest quality of care on an extensive list of routine and esoteric testing to help physicians diagnose, treat, and monitor disease. Partnering with MHS provides physicians with a powerful array of diagnostic tests to better identify ways to treat their patient’s health conditions. 

For physicians that collect specimens in their office, MHS Labs’ couriers provide dependable, on-time pick-up and delivery services. Patients may also have their specimens collected at any of our Walk-In Laboratory Draw Stations.


MHS Labs enables hospitals to offer cutting-edge testing that generates revenue all without the cost or complexity of doing it all in your own facility.  MHS can provide an economical and convenient way to complement in-house testing and broaden the types of testing available for clinicians in the hospital.  Please feel free to contact us so we can help you with a customized solution for your laboratory testing needs.


Your business success is directly related to the health of your employees.  MHS provides value to employers in three areas:

Getting back to work is a challenge as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. MHS Labs can assist companies with COVID-19 testing. MHS’ rapid turnaround time can help employers reduce the risk that employees returning to the office spread COVID-19 to their co-workers.  

Biometric screening can help your employees identify health risks that affect attendance and productivity.  MHS Labs can provide biometric screens and clinical laboratory tests to identify potential risk factors for chronic diseases, like heart disease, hypertension, or diabetes in your employees.

MHS can also help employers manage their pharmacy costs. Pharmaceutical costs can be twenty percent of the overall spend on health care.  A simple pharmacogenomic test can identify drug-gene interactions that will allow your employees’ physicians to better tailor medications based on your employees genetic profile.  Numerous studies have shown significant savings through the use of such testing.