Our Services

Lab tests guide more than 70% of medical decisions.  MHS is proud to provide clinicians with accurate and rapid data across a broad range of laboratory tests.

Effective testing enables more effective treatment. MHS Labs helps to reduce long-term health costs through more rapid and more accurate diagnostic data.


MHS Labs is part of the PointClickCare Partner Exchange™ as a certified service provider in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia.


Our COVID-19 Testing

MHS Labs provides rapid turnaround for needed Covid testing.  In most cases we can provide results within 24 hours.  We have helped many travelers get timely results and appropriate documentation for travel. Prescriptions are required and appointments are recommended.

At MHS we have a broad and sophisticated set of COVID-19 related services.

MHS can also test positive COVID-19 samples to identify the variant.  The virus is constantly evolving, and some variants are more easily transmissible and more deadly.  MHS can help our customers and public health agencies better understand the evolving threat posed by the virus.

Additionally, MHS Labs can provide testing for the COVID-19 antibody.  MHS can determine if a patient has antibodies resulting from either exposure to the virus or from a vaccine.

Importantly, MHS can also provide testing for multiple illnesses at the same time.  With one swab MHS can detect and differentiate COVID-19 from the seasonal flu and other respiratory illnesses.

MHS Labs can provide clients with testing supplies and is versatile with advanced testing equipment so we are able to process most extraction kits on the market – features not offered by national labs.

Our Expertise

The laboratory team is led by medical director, Sam J. Nassar, MD, FCAP, a licensed practitioner of general anatomic and clinical pathology.  Dr. Nassar is Board qualified in Hematopathology and certified AP and CP by the American Board of Pathology. Dr. Nassar is a member of the AMA, ASCP, CAP, and Society of Pittsburgh Pathology with research experience and numerous publications and presentations to his credit.

The laboratory team is comprised of expert scientists and staff with advanced degrees who maintain a commitment to the latest best practices, scientific processes, and high-quality outcomes. Our experienced, responsive, and compassionate lab personnel, phlebotomists, couriers, and leadership are patient-centric and dedicated to superior customer service.

Our Service Area

MHS Labs, certified by CLIA, NY and CAP, has a primary service area that is the tri-state region of Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia but also has clients across the country.