Decentralized Clinical Trials

Rapid changes in clinical trial models enable us to provide you with fresh ideas that can improve patient recruitment, engagement, and retention while fostering continuity for your clinical study. A number of remote, mobile, and virtual features that are crucial in the realm of COVID-19, defining a new standard for how trials should be done, are available when you choose a MHS Labs decentralized clinical trial (DCT) solution.

We use an enterprise strategy when designing and implementing DCTs in order to give you a fully integrated, technologically enhanced solution that lessens patient strain.

The outcomes:

  • Patients enroll more quickly
  • Patients, researchers, and sponsors have a better experience, and the trial data are improved.
  • Patient burden is lessened, which makes it simpler for them to locate and sign up for your trial.
  • Reduced administration time allows investigator sites to concentrate on crucial patient contacts during in-person or via telehealth.
  • A connected data infrastructure benefits sponsors by enabling quicker and better decisions.

Our patient-focused DCT solutions integrate with our unrivaled network of partner laboratories without any issues.

Due to the patient-centered design of our decentralized clinical trial solutions, we are able to expand patient access and variety, as well as expedite delivery to shorten the time it takes for novel medications, technologies, and therapies to reach the market.

Delivering solutions with the patient in mind

Whether your trial would benefit from convenient in-home mobile clinical services, to our draw station, phlebotomists and couriers for sample collection, at home test collection kits and logistics tuned for efficiency and convenience, or for ongoing testing at the home, we coordinate an experience to maximize patient engagement. Patients can choose the route that best meets their needs from a range of ways that our services ensure them have access to investigational products and screenings. We routinely get input from existing and potential patients through our Patient portal, ensuring we have the most up-to-date information to guide our support for your project.

Direct to Patient

Since Covid, the market has shifted to test collection and consult at any point of care, including the home. Patients are also more educated on their testing options, price considerations and the value of testing routinely. MHS Labs has developed platforms and testing services to provide organizations with full capabilities to provide testing to their populations-wherever they are and whenever they need it.

Our Capabilities

  • Product website
  • Online enrolment (screening/intake questionnaire)
  • Provider ordering or approval
  • Collection Kit shipment: Ship to/ return shipping
  • Kit Inventory Management
  • Branded ordering process and supplies
  • Online reporting to individual
  • Online consult scheduling/ Telehealth provider
  • HL7 data transfers and reporting to provider
  • Aggregate Analytics