Vaccine Manufacturing/ Drug Development

MHS is developing tests and collection methodologies that assist vaccine and other drug manufacturers to collect clinical data for a patient cohort at any point of care. With a focus on antibody detection, stratification and analysis, and with collection protocols that do not require phlebotomy, we are positioned well to support clinical trials in virology and other disease states.


Cancer Diagnostics

MHS Labs sees a future where it is at the center of cancer diagnostics and companion therapy test validation. Utilizing the next gen and PCR technologies in-house, while partnering with research institutions and oncologists, MHS has created a center for cancer diagnostic development and testing.

Lab as a Service (LaaS)

MHS Labs partners with biosciences companies, startups, municipalities and CROs to round out their lab capabilities. Our testing, analysis and clinical consult services are white-labeled to maintain the authenticity of the partners we serve. Areas of LaaS include:

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Infectious Disease Surveillance
  • Research and Trials Support



MHS Labs partners with the trials industry to support trials and complex medical testing responsibilities. We serve as a central access point for lab operations and support all aspects of trial design, management, monitoring and result analysis.

  • Preclinical Services
  • Clinical Trial Lab Services
  • Post Market Survalence testing

Platforms that Spawn Innovation

Scaling a clinical operation for high complexity lab services isn’t always realistic.

MHS has created platforms that foster innovation within its own lab developed test offerings and for its partners. The platforms were created to support the lab-as- a- service initiative and to equip any organizaiton with turnkey lab operations, while maintaining organizational brand identity.

As a result, MHS has partnered with numerous diagnostic development, commercial entities, municipalities, health organizations and clinical facilities to offer turnkey solutions.

Cross/ Lab Innovation

Ex. UTI with Colony Count

Utilizing care pathways applied to both the clinical lab and the advanced diagnostics of the PCR lab, we developed a correlation between culture- based colony count and PCR based cycle threshold. The result provides clinicians with reportable UTI and ABR with the sensitivity and TaT benefits of a PCR.


Infectious Disease Validations

Ex. Monkeypox

We used what we learned during covid to optimize our testing; reduce cost and resource need. The result is rapid validation and deployment of tests at high volume while maintaining quality and turnaround time.


Dry Blood Spot Innovation


When developing neutralizing antibody testing, we adapted to dry blood spot collection kits. This allows for point of care collection that can be provided to organizations needing to reach their populations at volume rapidly. This platform services all areas of point of care where phlebotomists aren’t available. It also is a foundation for future neutralizing antibody development.

Cancer Diagnostics

Ex. Oncology, Hemato-oncology

We are working with partners with validated tests in other countries to bring cancer diagnostics to the US Market. Disease states include:

  • Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML)
  • AML and ALL Panels
  • Thrombocytopenia
  • Beta Thalassemia


Advanced Analytics

Ex. Antibiotic Stewardship and Infectious disease Survalence

Many of our infectious disease PCR tests allow testing for antibiotic resistance for enhanced antibiotic stewardship. We also participate in government survalence programs to analyze, report and predict infectious disease outbreak.


Lab As A Service

Ex. MHS White Label Platform/ Reference Lab

MHS Labs offers a turnkey solution to enables hospitals, labs and other entities to offer innovative high complexity testing without the cost and complexity of setup.