Long-Term Care Facilities

Helping Reduce Unnecessary Hospital Readmissions

Choosing Med Health Services (“MHS”) as your on-campus diagnostic testing partner could be one of the best decisions you’ll make for your long term care facility. By partnering with MHS, you can drastically reduce your facility’s dependency on referring your patients to offsite facilities and unnecessary trips to hospitals and emergency rooms.

MHS  is a high-technology CAP and CLIA Certified laboratory and ACR and ICAEL imaging facility that delivers convenient, effective, and efficient diagnostic testing solutions on an as needed, when needed, and where needed basis.

Rapid Turnaround Times

We set the gold standard in customer service, clinical outcomes, and patient satisfaction with on-campus diagnostic laboratory and imaging solutions that optimize point of care while lowering costs by caring for patients in the most efficient site for their condition.  

On-Campus, Fasting Laboratory Services

MHS’ Platinum Service Laboratory Program may transform your facility:

  • Fasting early morning phlebotomy Monday thru Friday
  • Results delivered same day by 12 noon
  • STAT Draws 7 days per week, 24 hrs per day
  • On-line ordering and results
  • Integrate your EMR with our lab

When it comes to the lab, our 12 noon turnaround time and rapid results for on-campus diagnostic laboratory services help optimize your staff’s ability to care for patients.

Medicare and all insurances are accepted and our prices in general are a fraction of other facilities.
Call us and request a phone interview with our Director of Operations to see how MHS’ Platinum Service Laboratory Program may transform your facility.

On-Campus, Bedside Ultrasound Testing 

MHS provides sonography testing by sending certified technologists to your facility, thereby preventing your patients from having to be transported to hospitals or other outside facilities.  MHS certified technicians can perform echocardiography, testing to rule out deep venous thrombosis, carotid duplexes, all modalities of abdominal and pelvic sonography, lower and upper extremities vascular testing, thyroid sonography, prostate sonography, urinary bladder and abdominal aorta, etc.

  • Reports are sent to your facility in 24 hours, but called the same day in case of a positive test for DVT or if other life threatening pathology is noted with interpretations by certified cardiologists and radiologists.
  • As mentioned above, these services will prevent your facility from needing to transfer patients to local hospitals and/or other facilities for testing.

Please contact us at 800-443-2035 ext. 104 to schedule your free, in-office consultation, where you will receive all of the answers you need.