Leaders in employer population health

With 20 years of expertise working with the employee groups of health facilities and private organizations and municipalities, MHS Labs is a leader in diagnostic insights. MHS Labs, provides a comprehensive list of tests that can assist your company in promoting better health and lowering healthcare costs.  Our goal for your employees is to lead healthier, more productive lives.

We provide

  • Screening and testing to identify health risks
  • programs that link well with existing employee health initiatives
  • testing availability that promotes better health on the job and at home

Most importantly, we do this in 24-48 hours, so your employees are knowledgeable about their health and ready to work as soon as possible.

The benefits of employee health and wellness testing with MHS Labs

Employers turn to MHS Labs for efficient population health management.

  • Reduced health plan costs for the company
  • Full clinical lab provides comprehensive testing services
  • A partnership model to empower better health
  • National access
  • Wide range of tests and testing options
  • Customized web portals for employees and employers
  • Third-party integrations
  • Achievable ROI with actionable insights

Building a workplace health program should involve a coordinated, systematic and comprehensive approach

Offering annual and semi-annual health screenings helps employees understand their health risks, improve key health measures, and lower their risk for costly chronic diseases.

View CDC's Workplace Health Model

Employer Benefits

  • Healthy Workforce
  • Improved Attendance – fewer sick days used

Financial Benefits

  • Less resources spent on replacement staff/agency
  • Reduction in self-insured health costs

Cultural Benefits

  • Shows that an organization values their employees
  • Crucial to attracting new talent
  • Improved Team Moral

Employee Benefits

  • Peace of mind for staff
  • Early detection of potential health issues
  • Opportunity to reflect on lifestyle choices & making healthier choices.


Employers may navigate the employee wellness environment and create a healthier workforce while spending less on healthcare by utilizing our services, such as biometric testing to identify acute and chronic health risks.

Broker Dealers

For thousands of employers of various sizes, MHS Labs collaborates with numerous employer owned insurance brokers to offer biometric tests and clinical screenings.

Learn more about our population health solutions:

Our clients realize a turnkey program designed to improve employee health.

We have promoted employee safety and compliance.

Flexible alternatives for workforce drug testing, COVID-19 testing, immunizations, and pre-employment screening are available at your workplace or at your employee’s homes.

We have enabled better employee health.

Comprehensive population health programs are supported by cutting-edge biometric screenings and diagnostics, which offer valuable insight into the prevention of chronic disease.

We have enhanced the employee experience.

Personalized biometric assessments are used by skilled health coaches to create a comprehensive care ecosystem and lead staff members toward greater health and wellness.

We help close the care gaps and expand access to care.

Reducing risk and enhancing quality care management are the goals of programs created to address care gaps.